Our Story

The greatest inventions stem from problems that need to be fixed. Jon and Ben’s problem was simple: they refused to pay $1,000 for a premium quality coat. So, they made it their mission to make a beautifully crafted winter parka that could be sold for less than half of what competitors charged and to disrupt the outerwear industry, one faux fur hood at a time.

After researching the outerwear market, Jon and Ben decided to design their jackets in a better way.

Serious warmth for not-so-serious prices

We believe that real warmth doesn’t require digging deep into your wallet. We’ve traveled the world to find partners that allow us to use the highest quality down fill so you can have the warmest, lightest, and most accessibly-priced jacket. 

DOWN Official 3-in-1 Parka Faux Fur

Adaptable for Everyday Life

Our 3-in-1 jacket offer an adaptable solution, providing different levels of warmth for every kind of weather. 

Ethically built

Our down is certified to the Responsible Down Standard. 100% of our down comes from geese that are treated humanely and from supply chains that are fully traceable.

DOWN Official Daniel 3-in-1 Parka Faux Fur

Always Premium

Even luxury brands choose inferior materials to increase margins. We’ve spent two years researching what goes into creating the perfect winter parka and promise to use only the highest quality raw materials, to ensure that our jacket is simply amazing.